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Painting is not just to brush or roll.

Preparation is the most important thing to do first. Skipping the process doesn't make good results. We pay much attention for that. 

Our goal is to see a client's smile after the project is done.


First of all, we recommend that you make a plan and book schedule as soon as possible due to high volume of exterior projects during summer time. Otherwise, you have to wait until next summer.

We remove dirt and old chipped/peeling paint, 

pressure wash before painting in order to last long.


Acquiring carpentry skills turns out very handy for painting projects. This is one of my favourite work and confident skills I have. 

Repairing cracks and doing drywall is satisfying and fun to do to me. It could work and make it nicer by just filling cracks. But it will show up again in no time. A proper way of drywall repair makes it last longer.


Believe or not, there are irresponsible floor installers here in Greater Vancouver. Every time I find floor gaps, chipped and baseboard nailed badly, I feel so bad for customers.

My service is primarily painting but can also offer floor and baseboard installation.

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