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About Us

the image that makes people think of japanese culture

What is "MIYABI" ?

Miyabi (雅) represents one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals, often translating to 'elegance' or 'refinement.' This concept has been revered as the ultimate aesthetic ideal for over a millennium.

In the past, people didn't merely pursue Miyabi as a superficial aesthetic standard but also embraced it in their spirit, manners, peace, diction, behavior, and discipline.

While achieving perfection and executing tasks flawlessly may not be easy, MIYABI PAINTING is committed to upholding the principles of Miyabi
the photo of the owner of miyabi painting

I'm Hiro, the owner of MIYABI PAINTING. I'm more than just a painter; I have 5 years of carpentry experience, which includes skills in painting, flooring, drywalling, framing, fencing, and tiling

You don't need to worry about finding and hiring a handyman or carpenter to repair damages; you can save money."
I truly enjoy my job and am satisfied with the work I've done.
All of my clients have been satisfied with my work.

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